RE AKC Golden Retriever Club of America

What National Club Thinks of Us….

The Golden Retriever Club of America, a satellite club of the American Kennel Club and referred to as the “official” club/organization, when there are other organizations devoted to the Golden that are older and more distinguished, such as the Field Dog Stud Book Registry or the United Kennel Club, has launched a smear campaign against imported “English” “Cream” Coated Golden Retrievers, and faults the cream coat in conformation shows.  For this reason a consortium of English Cream breeders, properly British Cream-Coated Golden Retrievers, as they are of the same breed with slightly different conformation standards than American Goldens and an acceptance throughout the UK and the rest of the world of the cream-coat,  have organized and continue to organize and charter a new registry, the North American Sporting Dog Association.  We discuss this with links on the Home page.  Thanks.