Why Buy a British Cream-Coated Pup from Ardorgold?

Benefits of purchase of an Ardorgold puppy:

1 – We have extensive knowledge of the breed, having begun our passion in 1990, engaging in much research and sitting at the feet of a number of top breeders in our community.

In the early 90’s, we purchased a stunning champion sired male and female to lay the groundwork for our bloodlines.  We began with the highest quality for the sake of the breed.

We have also had the mentorship of one of the top USA kennels, Crystal Glen, co-owning a show bitch with that kennel in 91.  We know what quality is in this breed; we took our gorgeous boy Rachel’s Fanfare for Columbo into the ring, where he won handily. Dogs we have bred and their progeny have gone on to titles in conformation, obedience, field trialing and agility.  See About Gilded Peak Golden Retrievers.

In recent years, we have been devoted to the “English” or UK in type Golden–see the UK Breed Standard-–  in the acquisition of Angels Dance in Beauly Highland – Angelo-– and Amore Veritas Malibu in 2015, we have become custodians of the top bloodlines in the world.  Unlike any number of other “English/British Cream Kennels” in the US, we know our European bloodlines– including Stanroph,   Garbank Lislone, Ashbury, du Bois de la Rayere,  Camrose, Tramin, Glen Sheallag, Moondust, Paudell, and a host of other worthy and influential fancier kennels whose stamp upon the breed is indelible.

2 – We value the superb lineage of our dogs and take great care to select compatible breeding stock.  Our five year plan is to linebreed on Ashbury, Garbank, Majik and Thevenet bloodlines, which we currently have in the combined pedigrees of our two main dogs.  In other words, we will keep an Angelo puppy, outcross to Tramin or Vestafjell–two of the world’s top bloodlines, keep a puppy bitch and breed back to Angelo.  This kind of breeding has set type in the breed and been done for many, many years.   A note:  there are many who are unsure of the difference between inbreeding and linebreeding.  In a nutshell, inbreeding is father to daughter, mother to son, sibling to sibling. There is seldom a good rationale to inbreed although it is done by some breeders and in the early days of the Golden Retriever fancy in the U.S., done to “set type.” Line-breeding is a method with a purpose;  — to double up on the traits of a given dog–for example, breeding Angelo, a CH Ashbury Angel Heart son, to an Angel Heart grand daughter.  The closest linebreeding is half-brother to half-sister, again, to double up on the sire or dam’s pedigree. This method often results in spectacular, correct dogs, but also risks the manifestation of what had been recessive genes for undesirable traits..

3 – Our recent litter  is stunning (see photos below), conforming, as noted,  to the Kennel Club of Great Britain Breed Standard for the Golden Retriever. Each has superb construction; each is beautifully balanced fore and aft with a level topline flowing forward to a graceful, powerful neck, and congruent to the tail, and each has excellent angulation of the rear legs as well as beautiful shoulder layback.

Both have stunning “headpieces”, with  dark-rimmed eyes, dark pigment around the mouth and flews, ears well set on slightly below eyes. Both dogs possess a scissors bite. Their temperaments are gentle and loving.

Our puppies will range from platinum to cream and be British in Type.  Again, when we say that, we mean that they are bred to conform to the UK Breed Standard (Kennel Club of the United Kingdom). UK Golden Retrievers may be, according to the breed standard, “any shade of gold or cream” save red or mahogany.

The difference between American and English Goldens is set forth at the EGNA (English Goldens in North America) site– link in sidebar. See more of our majestic sire and dam below and enjoy the photos on the rest of the site.

4- Ardorgold sells sound, healthy puppies possessing longevity!

Puppies purchased from us should live for twelve years and more. Gilded Peak Don’t Rush Amore, aka Tess, was fourteen when she died.  Many of our progeny still warm the cockles of their owners’ hearts…..       

Sire and dam have been  health-tested in the field for sound hips, eyes, hearts as well as having the standard OFA exams for hips, elbows, eyes, and heart. This kind of hands-on evaluation has the endorsement of Ducks Unlimited, field trial enthusiasts, and many sporting dog owners who start their gundogs on birds early in the game.  This is preliminary testing before our gorgeous boy and girl receive their traditional ratings/”clearances”.   

Both our sire and dam have demonstrated tremendous agility and stamina,  which together with five generations of cleared hips, eyes et al in the pedigree, increases the probability of genetic soundness of progeny.  Each has shown powerful visual acuity and accuracy on the retrieve.  Each has been recently evaluated for overall soundness by proficient veterinarians.        

5. Ardorgold Puppy Nurturing Protocol

We believe that puppies should have the best possible start on life. We introduce our whelps to a nipple bottle and a wonderful proven formula of goat’s milk, fresh egg yolks, canola oil and a little corn syrup during the first week of life to supplement nursing from the dam and in the case of a large litter, to spare the depletion of calcium and other vital elements of her ability to nurture her puppies and remain healthy herself.

We are hands-on nurturers, weaning our puppies with cream of rice, ground kibble, pureed chicken breast, monitoring them 24-7, holding them, acclimating them to sound, human touch, smell.

We feed only the best food to our mama of the hour, supplementing her with rapid-absorbing calcium to guard against her own depletion of that vital mineral, and to insure strong bones, teeth and joints.  We never leave large litters with one or more very small puppies in them to fend for themselves, or to make it on their own–we go the distance to save even the smallest whelp.

Both dogs are current on vaccinations for standard canine viruses and rabies. Accordingly the puppies will have passive immunity transfer via mother’s milk for these illnesses, will have received a first shot for Parvo and Distemper at six weeks,  and be eligible for  boosters at eight, twelve and sixteen weeks.  They can be vaccinated against rabies at twelve weeks. The litter’s dam has been given a worming regimen of Panacur (fenbendazole) which also gently worms puppies in  utero.

6. Our sire and dam have at a minimum, been x-rayed and assessed as free of hip and elbow dysplasia, hereditary canine eye disease, hereditary heart defects.  While some breeders obtain a battery of DNA tests in addition to the traditional clearances, at this time we feel that traditional clearances suffice in determining a particular dog or bitch’s soundness.



Our first litter by the stunning Angelo, out of the beautiful Munch; last photo in the series is our littlest angel, transformed into a magnificent boy.  Angels Dance in Beauly Highland ex Gilded Peak Scrumptious Munchkin.  Munch is 3/4 British–her sire Gilded Peak Double B Cutter is out of our gorgeous Gilded Peak Don’t Rush Amore aka Tess, by White Dove Double B’s Blade, Scandinavian Import — her dam is Krispy Mediguard, from the renowned Mediguard Kennels, Europe.