Ardorgold Update: Spring 2017 Mating, Pups due June, Ready Late Summer….

3 Thirsty Cowboys..Angelo progeny, 2016.

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Welcome to Ardorgold English Golden Retrievers– A litter of “English Creams”–the prevalent descriptive term for cream-coated dogs within this wonderful breed,  originally developed in the United Kingdom in accordance with The Golden Retriever Club of the United Kingdom’s Breed Standard, in the oven– we had hoped for spring litter but our girl had a split heat and we await Angelo-Malibu puppies in mid-June. We are accepting deposits ($250.00 Cashier’s Check) and will update this page–read on!  Soon I’ll post a log of accepted deposits in a text box on the sidebar– we’ll take 4 reservations for a female and 4 for a male.  Your deposits will be refunded in full if Malibu does not produce a litter.  Please e-mail me at jenneandrews2010@gmail.com. 

About Ardorgold

 My husband and I are retired teachers and writers, with a long history as fanciers and family-oriented breeders of show-quality AKC Golden Retrievers. We first called ourselves Gilded Peak Golden Retrievers– see relevant page.  Several years ago, we became entranced with the British in type Golden Retriever, which is often cream-coated in Europe and still rare in the US, despite the many breeders of these glorious dogs there are now throughout North America.  You may know these dogs to be characterized as “English Creams.”   This is descriptive terminology for only one type of the Golden Retriever breed, founded in Scotland during the Edwardian era by one Lord Tweedmouth at his estate “Guisachen”. Please also see the fascinating story of English-Background Goldens in North America.  

Here is our knock-out imported male Angelo aka Angels Dance in Beauly Highland, sired by Int’l CH Ashbury Angel Heart.  bred and titled by Cathy Sontag of Ashbury Kennels, France, out of Multi CH Lislone Garbank Loch Affric,  bred by Mr. and Mrs. James Crosbie, renowned fanciers of Ireland,   whose UK breed type and wonderful biddable temperament, together with one of the top five pedigrees in the lower forty-eight, make him exemplary.

Angelo’s four-and five generation pedigrees at k9data: 

Ardorgold’s “Angelo”

Pictured below is our beautiful brood bitch, the stunning Amore Veritas Malibu.  Her magnificent sire Int’l CH Majik Inspector Clouseau is a champion in ten countries.  Her exquisite dam, CH Amore Veritas Antalia, is a daughter of Multi CH Thevenet Pep’s Team, a CH Remington Ringmaster son.  Malibu is an absolutely splendid, “doggy” bitch; she has excellent conformation and is loving and biddable.  See Malibu’s pedigree on k9data here.  See Malibu’s page for more photos and discussion. 

Amore Veritas Malibu – Kennel Amore Veritas, Ukraine, resting after a run at nine months

We thus have to date one spectacular breeding pair of cream-coated English Goldens, and one young female by our Irish Import Angelo out of a beautiful American-bred 3/4 English Golden, from our original bloodlines.  

Our three English Cream Golden Retrievers live with us in the house and have spacious runs out each door of our home outside Fort Collins, Colorado.  They are members of our family, nurtured, trained, groomed and  generally adored by us twenty-four seven.  We recommend that in the event you do not buy one of our puppies, you research Colorado breeders and look for those who seem knowledgeable about genetic issues and their own bloodlines. 

We feed our dogs a blend of Eagle Pack Power and Nature’s Recipe, both highly rated in Dog Food Advisor.  After learning that a high profile Scottish litter has nutrition based cataracts and that the dam and puppies have been fed the highly touted Taste of the Wild grain free food, we turned to custom feeding with the aforementioned. Please note: grain-free foods should not be fed to bitches in whelp or to weaning puppies–they lack the essential amino acid argenine.

Further Details

Our reservation list is open; purchase price is $2500.00. We are accepting $250.00 deposits via certified checks for both male and female puppies (see contact info in sidebar).   We need to speak with you on the telephone at a minimum, with a few questions, prior to reserving a puppy for you.

 Here is the jaw-dropping pedigree of this mating; please scroll down for more information and to view enlarged and gorgeous photographs.

Angelo – Mr. Gorgeous!
The English Cream Golden Retriever - Pure Majesty

Angels Dance in Beauly Highland ex Amore Veritas Malibu

Puppies’ Four-Generation Pedigree

(Click here for five-generation pedigree)

Ardorgold #2
Angels Dance In Beauly Highland


Int.Ch,Int.Sh.Ch,Lux-Dk-CH-Dt.-VDH-S-Fr.Ch Ashbury Angel Heart TAN Suisse, Sel. B.
International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere
Ashbury Summer Sun
Multi Ch, Multi Jr Ch, BISS Lislone Garbank Loch Affric SLO Club Winner, WW Puppy Bitch 2013
WW’15, Multi Ch Tramin Arni Joy Amst. W.’14
Lislone Garbank Zafina For Anshada
Amore Veritas Malibu for Ardorgold 9/15
JChUa, CH UA, Moldova, Bulg, Georgia, Romania, Majik Inspector Clouseau  aka “Brand” bred by Majik, Sweden
Gildas Amouage (Finland)
Majik Zoe Tate
JChUa, Champion of Moldova Amore Veritas Antalia,  daughter of Multi CH Thevenet Pep’s Team
Vice-JEW’12 , CH SwedenUA,MOL,RO , JCH UA, RUS Thevenet Pep’s Team
JCh Ukraine, Ch Ukraine, Moldova, Cyprus Barselona of Priority and Majesty FT Duck III


The stunning, true to breed type Angels Dance in Beauly Highland, aka Angelo, French-Irish Import

And here are some candids of darling Malibu, on a beautiful Colorado day.


This is a glorious puppy bitch–about seven months at this wonderful photo shoot courtesy of Melissa Egbert Wren of Sweetheart Therapy Dogs– we hope to have another such shoot as our stunning mated pair of English Creams has just passed the one year mark.

Pictured below are progeny of Angels Dance in Beauly Highland ex Gilded Peak Scrumptious Munchkin  (see our in memoriam page).


An Eye for Beauty, A Heart for Grief

It turns out that we might not be the novices, the amateurs that many people in the incestuous Colorado Mile Hi Golden Retriever Club, as well as the greater percentage of so-called “English Cream” breeders think we are.

Here is the truth in stats and stats generally don’t lie.

Taking World CH in 2012 were Multi CH Dewmist Star of the Blue Hope, one of the most beautiful bitches in existence, and Vice World, the stunning Fiveshill Sound Reason, one of whose dreamboat male pups, out of CH Vine Illusion Sleepysong, (Dewmist Salentino) will be joining us soon.

Taking Champion and Reserve Champion in the Working Class at the 2012 World Dog Show in Salzburg, were Ashbury Angel Heart and Fiveshill Sound Reason. Fluke was to go on to take the title of Vice World Champion at that exhibition.

What do you know.  That’s right, the sires of our Angels Dance in Beauly Highland, and our new stud puppy who will cross the Pond in October, Sleepysong Pheasant Fever aka Reveille, bred by Mr. Dragan Stetin, are, respectively, Multi CH Ashbury Angel Heart, bred and shown by Ms. Cathy Sontag, France, and Multi CH Vice-World Winner Fiveshill Sound Reason, Nederlands. Recently, the 2015 stars on the World stage were Multi CH Tramin Arni Joy, bred by Lena Ushan, Ukraine and grandsire to our Angelo, and the veteran Multi CH Dewmist Silk Screen.

2012 was a long time ago if you are a Golden Retriever fancier.  In 2012 I had but one Golden living with me; the beautiful Gilded Peak Scrumptious Munchkin aka Munch–3/4 English/European– and I were alive and working hard, leading a full time writing life in East Old Town, Fort Collins.  I had closed out my American GR program and believed I would never venture into the problematic world of breeding again.

To say that pedigrees in British/English Golden Retrievers, cream-coated or not, don’t matter, is a  no-win to me.

How is someone going to learn and grow,  without campaigning a dog,  or if you can’t walk, as is the case with me, watching the judging, most of which is uploaded to YouTube, matching dogs to kennels, learning the top UK, European, Eastern European, Russian and Ukrainian kennel names et cetera, which is also how you learn bloodlines and and can actually see beautiful dogs up close on your PC,  all the while studying their pedigrees? Xenophobes, there are beautiful dogs for sale in the aforementioned regions and countries. Ironically, top of the line, polar-bear coated “English Creams” in Europe et al cost several thousand dollars less than “English Creams” in the U.S.  For the record, Eastern Europe is not in the Third World.

Taking the time to learn, we can see who sparkles and who we gravitate to. We can spend hours on k9data.com drilling down through bloodlines.

But even then, we do not possess crystal balls with which to see around the bend into our dogs’ futures.

When my husband and I acquired the beautiful Angelo from Lislone-Garbank-mentored breeders in Romania and stood him to Munch, who carried the signature Gold Rush, Meadowpond, Laurell and Hillside bloodlines, dam from the  Romanian Kennel Mediguard,  and she whelped only four, one of those a female, now our Ardorgold Celestial Mystique aka Paris, I am glad I couldn’t see around the bend.

Because I would then have known how little time Munch and I had left.  As it turned out, as the puppies thrived, so did the masses of lymphoma I didn’t know were taking over the body of my beautiful bitch.

What a brave girl, never once wincing or crying in pain, enduring all of our recent efforts to get diarrhea and vomiting under control, noticing weight loss and thirst and tarry stools and then, last week, a round abdomen that looked like she was pregnant all over again.

I lay her on her back and palpated and felt a softball mass.

Three hours later, my husband and the vet took Munch into the atmospheric room for putting your dog to death at Colorado State Univrsity’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Oh Fate, you are cruel.  You are heartless.  I wish you had taken me, rather than that big-hearted and spectacular girl whose claim to fame was just that she was my dog, my maternal presence, my guardian angel.

When I break down, I do it alone, and imagine her licking my face.  I can’t stop seeing her, or looking for her, or wondering if I caused this.    Adio my darling girl. You loved me as I have never been loved, not by anyone.

Thank God for your beautiful puppy Paris and our forthcoming boy from Serbia-Czechoslovakia, and for our Malibu from the Ukraine, and our Angelo from Romania. Their wonderful and vital bloodlines, packed as they are with worldwide overachievers, don’t mean as much to me as their love…..



Projected Litter of “English Creams

We anticipate a stunning litter next year of blocky ivory puppies with gold-plaited pedigrees.  Sire Angels Dance in Beauly Highland, Imported; Dam: Amore Veritas Malibu, Imported. Contact 970-214-1883, or ardorgold2016@mail.com .  

Angels Dance in Beauly Highland aka Angelo, May 2016, European Import, Hip, Elbow, Eye and Heart Clear.  Photo Melissa Wren
Amore Veritas Malibu, May 2016, Photo Melissa Wren
Amore Veritas Malibu, 7 months, May 2016, genetic defect-clear by parentage, photo by Melissa Wren

These will be positively ravishing polar bear cub English/UK/ style Golden Retriever Puppies. Our breeding stock is carefully chosen for 1 – Superior Construction/Conformation according to UK Kennel Club Breed Standard for the Golden Retriever; 2- parents cleared for hips and eyes at a minimum, 3 – breeder commitment to showing and/or titling in conformation all breeding stock, and overall dedication to the breed.

Sire “Angelo” prelim’d good hips, elbows, heart and eyes; Dam “Malibu” clear by parentage; dam’s sire and dam hip, eye clear, prelims and permanent clearances pending.


Angelo ex Amore Veritas

Five generation pedigree:

Angels Dance In Beauly Highland
Int.Ch,Int.Sh.Ch,Lux-Dk-CH-Dt.-VDH-S-Fr.Ch Ashbury Angel Heart TAN Suisse, Sel. B.
International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere
IntCh, ChFr, ChLux, ChNl, ChVDH, TRIALER Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash
Eng. Ch. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin JW, SGWC
Stanroph Spring Breeze At Beeangee
Int Ch & trialer Alibren Mon Cheri avec Stanroph
ENG. CH. Stanroph Squadron Leader
ENG. SH. CH. Alibren Uhura
Ashbury Summer Sun
WW’01,EW’99,02, Mult & IntCh,ChFr/Ger/Lux/Swi/VDH Paudell Pure Passion
Eng CH Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien
Kerrien Forever Bonnie at Paudell
INT.Ch, Ch. IB & Trialer Ashbury Lovely Lisane
Kiplings Highland Hero
Kiplings Geisha Girl
Multi Ch, Multi Jr Ch, BISS Lislone Garbank Loch Affric SLO Club Winner, WW Puppy Bitch 2013
WW’15, Multi Ch Tramin Arni Joy Amst. W.’14
V-EW’04, Mlt & IntCh,GrChUa,ChMol/Bye/Rus/Bul/Pol Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag All-ukrainian Winner’03, 05, Winner of RRC
WW’01,EW’99,02, Mult & IntCh,ChFr/Ger/Lux/Swi/VDH Paudell Pure Passion
Gr Ch Ossien Of Glen Sheallag
GrChUa, ChUa, ChMol, ChBye, ChRus Real World of Glen Sheallag Ukrainian Winner’03
NUCH SUCH Inassicas Song Of Songs
Next Please of Glen Sheallag
Lislone Garbank Zafina For Anshada
Garline Down to Earth
Moondust After All At Garbank Lislone (1 CC)
Garline Private Collection
Lislone Garbank Must B Luv JW
Sh. Ch. Stanroph So It Had To Be KCJW
Garbank Lislone Mistique
Amore Veritas Malibu for Ardorgold
JChUa, CH UA, Moldova, Bulg, Georgia, Romania, Majik Inspector Clouseau Ch Aze, Makedonia,Cyprus, Philippine, Costa Rica
Gildas Amouage
Stanroph Sailor’s Swansong
Eng. CH. Stanroph Sailor Boy KCJW
Stanroph Secret Finale
Gildas Kissing Cousin
Stanroph Sandboy
Gildas Grace N’ Glory
Majik Zoe Tate
C.I.E,LTU&SWE(show)CH,FIN JW-01&FIN W-07,VetWW`10 Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme
IntCh & Trialer, ChFr Gunmarsh Zachary
INT&VDH CH Majik Kiss Me Quick
Majik Lara Croft
Fin.Ch. Tyrnikarin Jesber
Majik Silver Spirit
JChUa, Champion of Moldova Amore Veritas Antalia
Vice-JEW’12 , CH SwedenUA,MOL,RO , JCH UA, RUS Thevenet Pep’s Team
Remington Ringmaster
Eng Sh Ch Ritzilyn Brandon JW
Eng.Sh.Ch Remington Remember Me KCJW
Thevenet Vanidad Mistica
C.I.E, C.I.B, MOL CH Thevenet Lord Of The Rings CAT CH, CER CH ’11’12, CER Top Stud ’11, TRIALER
Thevenet Diabolic Dreams
JCh Ukraine, Ch Ukraine, Moldova, Cyprus Barselona of Priority and Majesty FT Duck III
MultCh, ChUA, ChMOL, ChBYE, ChRUS, JChUa Big Boss of the Famous Family
Int.Ch,Int.Sh.Ch,Lux-Dk-CH-Dt.-VDH-S-Fr.Ch Ashbury Angel Heart TAN Suisse, Sel. B.
WW’12. HSCH. HJCh. Dewmist Star of The Blue Hope
Nelli Samiy Lutchiy Droug
ChUa, Bel, Mol Arny Samyi Lutchiy Droug
Beatris Samiy Luchshiy Drug

Please see individual blog pages on our breeding stock and scroll down for photos and info on our June 2016 litter.

Our gorgeous proven sire: imported from Europe, son of the world-renowned and beautiful CH Ashbury Angel Heart and from the infamous Garbank & Lislone Kennel of Ireland, CH Lislone Garbak Loch Affric.  What a wonderful marriage of compatible dogs this has been!

Angelo’s maternal grandsire, WW ’15 BOB CH Tramin Arni Joy, was awarded world champion, WDS (World Dog Show), Milan in 2015.  There are many other over-achievers in this pedigree..

Dam of the litter: the young and beautiful imported daughter Amore Veritas Malibu, by Multi CH Majik Inspector Clouseau aka Brand, out of an exquisite CH Thevenet Pep’s Team daughter, CH Amore Veritas Antalia.

Brand is a champion in ten countries thanks to the devoted efforts  of the lovely Anastasia Bobchenko, Kennel Amore Veritas, UE.

Classic English Golden Retrievers By Stunning Imported Grandson of 2015 World Champion Tramin Arni Joy — Sold!

Again, welcome to Ardorgold British Golden Retrievers. Our Angelo ex Munch progeny have done us proud;  all are sold. To see what’s coming up, visit our  puppy page.  For information    Many many hugs and a ton of gratitude to Melissa Egbert Wren, Sweetheart Therapy Dogs, Loveland, for handling our sales. Many, many thanks to our wonderful puppy buyers:  we couldn’t be more pleased that our gorgeous little Angels are in wonderful new homes.  Ardorgold Renegade aka Austin, now belongs to our wonderful friend Melissa.  Ardorgold Dash, now Finn, belongs to a lovely family with teenage daughters.  Ardorgold Rendezvous also has a very loving new family. Ardorgold Celestial Mystique aka Paris, is our gorgeous keeper.


Paris “Oakley”, Little Sixgun in Annie Oakley garb

We attribute our litter’s stellar beauty to its wonderful parents– Angels Dance in Beauly Highland, aka Angelo, below–

A gorgeous dog for the ages…..our boy.

and our stunning 3/4 British bitch –one quarter my stellar Gold Rush and Meadowpond American conformation lines;


Not only is Angelo the son of CH Ashbury Angel Heart, bred and handled by Cathy Sontag, Ashbury, France, he is the grandson of one of the most spectacular dogs in the world, a dog who won the World Championship in Milan last year, Multi CH Arni Joy.


World Champion Tramin Arni Joy, Angelo’s grandsire, Mrs. Kate Crosbie handling

Angelo’s beautiful mother CH Lislone Garbank Loch Affric, Lislone-Garbank being one of the top five UK breeders, was bred to Joy and the rest is history.

Angelo is not a huge Golden; he is slow maturing, like his grandsire.  But he is hands down the most exquisite Golden I have ever seen and there is no doubt in my mind that he will set the world on fire once he hits the showring.


Angelo in the cool after photoshoot

The dam of Angelo’s first litter is also a precious jewel; she is the product of my Gold-Rush and Meadowpond bloodlines outcrossed to Scandinavian and European bloodlines.  What a spectacular bitch, and what sweet music these two have made together;

The stunning Gilded Peak Scrumptious Munchkin


The Stunning Gilded Peak Scrumptious Munchkin aka Munch, wearing tape so she doesn’t scratch c-section incision, and her butterball whelps by Angels Dance in Beauly Highland.


Behold our spectacular litter…. 

Dash, Rendezvous, Austin–so handsome! — photoshoot, Melissa Wren
Angelo’s only daughter to date– Ardorgold Celestial Mystique aka Paris — our keeper, so beautiful. Disregard her housefly earring.

Inquiries to Ardorgold, ardorgold2016@mail.com, 970-214-1883. See other pages for more on our history and genetic health information.

Puppies’ Pedigree – for a five generation pedigree, click here.  

Angelo ex Munch
Angels Dance In Beauly Highland 


Int.Ch,Int.Sh.Ch,Lux-Dk-CH-Dt.-VDH-S-Fr.Ch Ashbury Angel Heart TAN Suisse, Sel. B. France
International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere
Ashbury Summer Sun
Multi Ch, Multi Jr Ch, BISS Lislone Garbank Loch Affric SLO Club Winner, WW Puppy Bitch 2013 – Ireland
WW’15, Multi Ch Tramin Arni Joy Amst. W.’14
Lislone Garbank Zafina For Anshada
Gilded Peak Scrumptious Munchkin 


Gilded Peak Double B’s Cutter   bred by J.R. Andrews-Brooks
White Dove Double B’s Blade Import Sweden
Gilded Peak Don’t Rush Amor (Gilded Peak the Craft of a Good Kiss ex Gold Rush Sevilla)
Krispy Mediguard Import Romania
RCH Cum Laude, RCH, MOCH, JCH Ordoghegyi-Berni Harrys Derby winner, 2xChamp.of Champ.
Zena Mediguard



Truth or Dare: Cancer and Golden Retrievers

Yesterday I was taken to task by the owner of a bitch in my pedigree for entering the cause and date of the dog’s death in an open database for Golden Retrievers.

I looked at her entry today and was sad to see that she has deleted these things.

Never mind that when I heard of the fate of what was surely a beautiful dog, I felt very badly and thought I might spare her owner in making these entries, and never mind that an open database permits others to enter what they know about given dogs.

The bitch in question is my stud dog Angelo’s grand-dam, bred by Lislone Garbank, one of the top five kennels in Great Britain.  While this kennel has heavily influenced the breed abroad, it is one of the programs that must be looked at by the light of the fact that close line breeding is implicated in the incidence of cancer in the Golden Retriever. In fact, according to Rhonda Hovan’s ground-breaking article on cancer and genetics in the Golden, sixty percent of all Goldens worldwide will die of cancer and there are as many cases of cancer in the UK and elsewhere abroad that there are in the U.S.  Moreover, the most prevalent cancer in the UK is lymphoma, while it is hemangiosarcoma in the U.S. Please see link to this thought provoking article, which many high-echelon people in our breed have held in highest regard.

Cancer is our nemesis.  Our hearts leap into our mouths when we feel a lump when caressing a beloved dog’s shoulder.  But we need to be honest, have the courage to be honest in making it publically known that our dog has died of cancer, and what kind of cancer it is.

As noted, on both sides of the Atlantic we are combating this terrible disease and its prevalence in our breed.  Thanks to the research being conducted by the Morris Foundation, and again, to Rhonda Hovan of Faera Goldens for her efforts to educate the fancy with her article on cancer, we may say we are making very slow progress in bringing this discussion to the table.

The breeder in question has actually lost several dogs to cancer, from the same breeding program, and yet she and that program continue to closely line breed, when linebreeding is more than implicated in concentrating both good and bad genes carrying good and bad cells.

There is no shame in making known the cause of a given dog or bitch’s death from cancer.  In fact, it is cowardly not to, to go back to the dog’s page in k9data or Standfast Data and remove the truth–that a certain bitch lived only three years during which time she had two litters.

Thankfully, in terms of the pedigree of the puppies bred by Beauly Highland in Romania last year, one of whom is our Angelo, the litter dam was sired by 2015 World Champion Tramin Arni Joy, who is the result of the pairing of two Glen Sheallag dogs and a rewarding outcross.  We hope and pray that our puppies will mature and have good health and longevity in part as a result of this outcross.  One of the puppies is already a champion and another one–our Angelo–has sired a first litter that is stunning.  My breeding is also a total outcross.  The GB strand behind the dam is all Garbank.  Those of you familiaar with this line will know what I mean.  This is one of the most elite and sought after bloodlines in the world and yet, cancer has reared her grotesque brow in the midst of it all.

Cancer in dogs develops from a preponderance of dysplastic cells in various areas of the body.  We don’t know why these cells suddenly begin multiplying and overtaking the host organism.  We only know that this is a horrible disease and that secrecy is not going to make it less so; we owe it to our dogs and ourselves to research our pedigrees and to keep ourselves informed by credible, legitimate research and opinion on this vital issue.





Ardorgold’s New Princess!

Appropos for someone returning to life with Golden Retrievers and newly aware of the moonlit-puppies so abundant in the Ukraine and elsewhere that far East, we have discovered the beautiful Ukrainian breeding program of Amore Veritas and are hopeful that we have acquired one Amore Veritas Malibu, Multi CH Majik Inspector Closeau ex Multi CH Amore Veritas Antalia.  A tremendous pedigree with tons of clout:  The five-generation version is here. 

Amore Veritas Malibu

Amore Veritas Malibu – see pedigree notes below; five gen from k9data here. 

Call name: Malibu
Gender: F
Country of origin: Beautiful Ukraine
Registration: FCI
Breeder: Anastasia Bobchenko, Elena Apaycheva: Amore Veritas
Pending Owner Prof. J.R. Andrews-Brooks/Ardorgold English Reg’d
Web site: http://www. ardorgold.wordpress.com


Amore Veritas Malibu
JChUa, CH UA, Moldova, Bulg, Georgia, Romania, Majik Inspector Clouseau Ch Aze, Macedonia,Cyprus, Philippine, Costa Rica
Gildas Amouage
Stanroph Sailor’s Swansong
Gildas Kissing Cousin
Majik Zoe Tate
C.I.E,LTU&SWE(show)CH,FIN JW-01&FIN W-07,VetWW`10 Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme
Majik Lara Croft
JChUa, Champion of Moldova Amore Veritas Antalia
Vice-JEW’12 , CH SwedenUA,MOL,RO , JCH UA, RUS Thevenet Pep’s Team
Remington Ringmaster
Thevenet Vanidad Mistica
JCh Ukraine, Ch Ukraine, Moldova, Cyprus Barselona of Priority and Majesty FT Duck III
MultCh, ChUA, ChMOL, ChBYE, ChRUS, JChUa Big Boss of the Famous Family
Nelli Samiy Lutchiy Droug

Quality and setting of type brought by the inimitable Majik Kennels of Scandinavia needs no introduction.  Beatiful stud dog CH Majik Inspector Clouseau is the product of a fortuitous series of linebreedings between Stanroph and and the Finnish Kennel Gilda’s, crossed back into Majik’s inimitable bloodline.  Malibu’s dam’s lines are noteworthy–  note that Big Boss of the Famous Family is a son of Multi Ch Ashbury Angel Heart– check out what he brings with him.  Watch for our beautiful litters to come.   Thank you.

Angelo Update Updated

At this hour, when I have yet to settle in for my prolonged daytime nap I used to know as a night’s sleep, Angelo is crooning in his singing whine from his crate.  Clearly, he craves the out of doors on this freezing morning.  Coming, Angelo.  Just five more minutes to drag out of bed.

Multi CH Garbank Lislone Jackpot (sire of Moondust Masterpiece, and second cousin to Angelo)

I thought I would briefly blog about what it’s like for a pair of older people to incorporate a high test English Golden Retriever, a spectacular polar bear of a show dog, into daily life.


It’s wonderful but also really, really hard.  For four months, in which he has been growing and becoming more beautiful by the day, he has pulled and veered and galloped through the house and had to be picked up by the scruff and loaded into his crate.  Don’t worry; that’s for time outs only–he’s generally either outside or up on the bed for a rub-down.

We would love to have him loose with my bitch Munch, meandering around the house–but at 7 months, he’s not there yet.  It’s not that he eats jelly beans; it’s that he has a pedigree packed with ebullient champions all bred to be revved at all times.  His breeder said to me that if we trained him for obedience he would never be a show dog, which I regard as bullshit; everyone’s dog should have basic manners.

It is also wonderful to have  him.  We love him.  He is so polar-bear cream, his coat luxurious, his pigment black; he is so very plush and posh and looking back, I cannot believe the many hurdles we took, with uncustomary alacrity, to get him h ere.


The one thing our breeders didn’t bother about was a reference.  At the time that I saw his litter announcement, they had had several people fall off their list.  When I saw that his dam was bred by Lislone-Garbank, one of Ireland’s greatest contributors to breed type,  and that his sire was Multi Ch Ashbury Angel Heart, I couldn’t live without him.

They trusted us by virtue of our fervor,  unlike the young woman I’ve been speaking with the last few days with a lovely puppy bitch for sale at a reasonable price.  She wants me to call an English Cream breeder in the US for a reference that she knows of, that I know not at all.  I will not deal with people who call themselves English Cream breeders because American consumers are obsessed with light light snowy light Goldens so that it has become about money. Moreover, there is technically no such thing as an “English Cream”– some well-heeled American petty capitalist coined this term and it has stuck like poo to a boot.  Too bad, but the deal’s off.  Other sources trust me, just by taking a look at this site and the fact that we have Angelo in the first place.

One fancier in the UK Kennel Club, who has chastised me for calling dogs from the UK English Goldens with everyone else who has such a dog, did give us a few tips.  Use a rope-style lead with the collar incorporated, she said.  Until my husband gets used to this new leash, called a Mendota slip lead, we have turned another leash into a slip lead that gives us more control; when he pulls, we can quickly pull his head to the side, whereupon we say, “sit.” We didn’t realize we had been teaching him to pull us– he would pull, we would haul back, he would pull and we would have to let go and he got his freedom.

Dogs work off a reward system.  They do nothing that doesn’t reward them and so, to get what he wants i.e. the reward of going outside or for a walk, he will have to respect the leash and heal at side first.

We hope to hold up for some time until things turn a corner.  But it’s winter, and there are many sorrows in the world at this time.  Passers-by– please understand the value of candor.  We love our beautiful Angelo.  It’s just that he’s a pain in the ass.